My painting process


If you scroll down on the page I have included a dias show demonstrating the process of making a unique style of painting.

I use only three tools: a 5cm brush, a 2½cm brush and a palet knife. That's all. It's a very fun way to paint. I have taught others the technique and they all say they never thought they could learn to paint - let alone to paint with oils.

The Gallery

Look at the gallery below how this painting came about. I participated in an art exhibition in Hillerød and at the exhibition, I had the opportunity to set up my easel and work on a painting while people were watching.

The technique I use is unique because I work with the oil paint in layers - not waiting for each layer to dry.

The Painting

Creating the background first I add clouds, horizon, bushes, water (or land) and trees all one layer on top of the other.

I have displayed the painting I did at this exhibition - using this technique.

This particular painting can be yours for 4200kr. Size 50x70cm

Working on the background

Working on the sky

More sky

Clouds and the horizon

The setting sun

Trees in the foreground

Adding bushes

Add snow and foreground

Polishing off bushes

Ready for the tree

Working on the tree

Tree taking shape

Finishing off the tree

Other artist admiring the work

Adding signature